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Tips in Getting Consumer Product Testing Jobs

Feedback from customers is highly essential to a business. For that reason, several companies spend a lot of money to obtain initial assessment from customers before they launch the product. Many consumers get into consumer product testing jobs because not only are they given free products, they are also paid for giving their honest opinion.

How It Works

Product testing is a process where the company sends out products to chosen consumers. These products are given for free and the testers can keep the product for themselves. There is no need to give them back to the company. In return, the tester will use the product and he will provide the strengths and weaknesses of the product. This way, if the entire feedback of the testing population is low, it will give the company an insight on what to do. That would definitely save them money and time.

A lot of consumers are interested in consumer product testing jobs because this means additional income for them. Although it might not be enough to cover the household bill, a free product plus compensation is surely appealing.

Steps to Being a Product Tester

  1. To be a product tester, you will first need to register in the company that offers product testing jobs.


  1. Then you will fill up the registration form, which will serve as the screener. Should the company deem you eligible for the product, they will send them to you. If the free product which is open for testing is something you do not use, they will inform you right away that you are not qualified.


  1. However, if you do qualify, you will be asked to provide your address so they can send you the product. Sometimes, it takes a week or two for the product to arrive in your mail.


  1. You will receive a follow up email asking you about the merchandise you have just tested.


  1. Once they get your feedback, you will be compensated. Some companies send out their payment to your Paypal account.

There are a number of sites that offer product testing jobs. It is up to you to gauge which company is better than the others.

  • Global Test Market. This one accepts members from the US, UK, Canada and Australia. The products they are testing include food, household items and a wide array of merchandise.
  • Pinecone Research is a high-ranking product testing company. Unfortunately, membership is limited to the United States only. In order to be a product tester of this company, you need to be invited by the company itself. The payment is sent by cash, PayPal, Gift Cards and other merchandise.
  • MySurvey sends a variety of free products from foods, beauty products and household items. It accepts membership outside the US, but you will have to check first if your country is qualified. The payment is given by cash, PayPal and gift cards.
  • Valued Opinions. Although members are limited to those living in UK, New Zealand, US, Canada and Australia, they accept members as young as 13 years old.