Legitimate Cash Gifting For Fast Money!

This one is a bit of a shocker. I have tried many, many, many new opportunities and have seen pretty much everything when it comes to earning online, but this cash gifting program caught me off guard.

It’s not that I haven’t seen cash gifting programs before, it’s that this one is so easy and affordable to get involved with that I didn’t understand why EVERYONE isn’t taking advantage of it.

The name of the program is EzyCashGifts. It is a simplified gifting program that pretty much anyone can begin using to start earning money daily through paypal and other instant payment processors. All you need to join is just $5. That’s IT!

Once you join the program, you can simply share it with your friends, family or facebook followers. Now at first I was a bit hesitant to tell my friends about this program that from the surface looks like a “Chain Letter” or “Pyramid Scheme”, but the more I researched, the more I realized that THOUSANDS of people were making money using a system that’s almost identical to this, except it requires $500 to start. So I thought that I would give it a shot. However, I still wasn’t convinced enough to tell my friends and family so I did the next best thing and put an ad on the Internet classifieds of my local newspaper.

Now get this… the ad that I placed was only $40 for 4 days, so $10 per day. And it read:

Internet & Social Media Workers Needed.
(Your County) Residents Only. (Website URL)

Before I ran the ad I went to Godaddy.com and bought a small domain name that I could easily forward to my free website that EzyCashGifts gave to me. I did this because the URL they gave me was very long and non-remember-able. A short domain makes it a lot easier for people to go to the site.

So here’s what I discovered… On a daily basis I received about 20 visits from the classified ad. Every day an average of 2 would send me $5. So after the ad was finished running, I had my $40 back. I know what you’re thinking, O.K. that’s what you started with you dummy, you didn’t make any money.

Here’s the kicker, by the 3rd day of running the ad I had one person send me another $10. Then on the 4th day I had the same person send me another $25 and someone else sent me another $10. Then that person sent me $25 and the guy before sent $50. This kept going until I finally had a profit of $270! That’s right, my $40 classified ad turned into a $270 profit.

Needless to say, I decided to run the ad again and made just as much money the first time, so I am still doing it. And the fun thing is that sometimes I actually get a person to send me a single payment for $250.

I haven’t yet received $1000, but a few of the people who have sent me cash are also earning money by placing classified ads and will be soon looking to upgrade their level, which means more money for me.

Since I have consistently begun to make money with this system my friends and family have been asking me what I’m doing and they are all very interested in getting started. So does this system work? I would have to say YES! But the key is to find a CHEAP online classified newspaper and write a GREAT ad that appeals to its audience. If you can do that, then you can place 2, 4, 10+ ads that bring in CRAZY money every single day. And that’s better than any job stuffing envelopes, assembling products or performing data entry tasks.

If you want to start getting cash gifts, then you should sign up now with EzyCashGifts. Remember, you’ll only get paid up to the level that your on, so if you want to get gifts for $1000, you’ll have to be on the $1000 level.


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